CSA Complaints

Unfair CSA creates its own laws to discriminate against hard-working fathers

In the two and half years I’ve been dealing with cms They have discriminated me for being a father a worker a home owner The chid support reform laws are not in line with reality how can a company for the provison of children need to make profit out of misery Misery meaning a man does not get to be a 50/50 equal share if the pwc denies it The system is not a fair or balanced one Children need providing for by both parents but how is it justified to take a weeks wages before household and housing costs ??

Putting nrp in hardship is not putting children out of poverty because the nrp is put into hardship The system would be fairer if 10% If the state did not pay out in housing benefit working and family tax credits family allowance and child support payments which is £2000 plus per month and a part time wage on top and siblings paying rent Where the nrp is a bank we want you owe It’s not sustainable to deduct 30% of a persons wages and still be positive after all bills debts loans are paid out The fact is it’s another weapon to stop fathers or mothers having equal contact with children I just don’t see how this law has not been banned since it’s against human rights the fair financial act Being a home owner I need to earn a living to pay for my home How if the cms say a doe £378 which is more than 40% Of my wages It’s my companies fault they are putting me in hardship Sorry that horse shit If a cms instruct my company to punish me if not cms will charge £1000 to failure to comply ??

Oh your company needs to make sure I don’t fall in the less than 60% of my wages Confused They now say to me your recording us we have to disconnect this call If they have nothing to hide then why ?? Cut me off I went to a tribunal stating by them my payments are reduced due to contact costs my arrears on that amount before the reduction

6 months doe then 6 months direct debit no 11 months doe from my wages A letter from my local mp a agreed and written Dismissed not enough money I earn a wage I make the effort to be with my children my ex doesn’t It’s just a game that will cost me my home job and contact with my children Stupid law it’s a generic system we abuse every body Xmas my kids don’t get presents from me the nrp because it’s about money profit Not about children A single father of three children has less than £750 a month to live on and pay housing cost bills and how does food oh yes a food bank when I work full time pay taxes For two decades and been a home owner for 6 an half years That means nothing to these scammers who class all as a means to tax another excessive tax on Denying children basic needs warm clothing food holiday presents Because we nrp are classed we are not pwc when we have children in our care the law should be state either parent is denied contact or using children as a weapon Then the children law should be invoked But no 9 times family court Mediation if she fails attend then nothing But I can prosecuted I’m tired of stupidity stupid law stupid people The law states to be treated as a decent and ordinary person so how can the punishment driving licence home wages contact with children So my kids don’t like being in a car or being in my home or no treats or activities Because the law says your not aloud Sorry kids I’m a victim of the system your mother will provide for you I can not I cannot provide for myself Teach kids about money according to the natwest advert Yes your mother is instructing a company to steal my living wage so you cannot have anything Sorry kids But mum can spoil you with the greed she needs The company is dis honest the arse an elbow don’t know what to do Sick of wasting my time work for nothing but taxes The state can provide me instead

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