Trying to get arrears I am owed, now I owe arrears myself?

July 31, 2012

I have been trying to get arrears from ex partner amounting to £3000. This has gone on for over 18 months now and is has no signs of being sorted out.

Last weekend I recieved a letter stating that I owed £1700 in arrears!!! I have paid the amount asked since getting involved with the CSA, so where do these arrears come from? On speaking to the agency they claim that they had tried to contact me for the last six months. Even though I have had contact with them roughly every two weeks.

They claim to only have my old phone number even though they have called me on my new number numerous times.They claim that they will now take the money from my wages at the end of August and that I have no right to ask for a breakdown because it has gone past 12 weeks since the arrears were calulated.

What also concerns me is that I was also paying CSA to my mother with regards to my daughter, but I am not in arrears with her? It just does not make sense. I can struggle to get an answer with regards to money owed to me, but when I owe it they lie and use heavy hand tactics. Things have changed since I got the first letter as well, as my son has moved in with ume so surely they will have to amend the amount paid as I can not afford to lost £500 a month with another mouth to feed.