Tribunal advice required

October 11, 2014

Hi all

I added a post on here a few months ago concerning my ex partner who moved back into the former family home with our children, in order to give the (for sale) former family home more appeal to prospective buyers

We agreed to pay 50/50 for everything and we agreed that the CSA payments could stop in lieu of the equal payments we were making. The care of the children (13 & 12) was split quite evenly between us so I thought ‘no problems’. But then my ex reneged on the agreement and asked the CSA to continue collections. So in addition to paying half of all the upkeep when my ex and our children and me were living in the same property, I was being asked by the CSA to pay my Child Support Payments as well. The CSA argument was that we were still two households. They upheld my ex’s argument and on appeal, rejected my argument again.

So I asked for my case to go to a tribunal and I have my date (Dec 2nd at Middlesbrough).

Has anyone good tribunal advice? I am representing myself. The money I “owe” is about £1400 and I am paying that off at a rate of £20 per month on top of my regular CSA payment after the CSA threats of taking money direct from my pay.  (The former home has now sold and we are living separately again).

As I have nothing to lose, I am looking forward to saying my piece. I cannot believe the CSA have continued to contest this instead of using their resource to chase the really recalcitrant NRPs who look to pay nothing for their children.