This institution needs looking at!

November 16, 2021

My partner ex went with CSA so she can get more money off him even though she knew we will have kid so and we siad we go e £50 a week she went 5 year ego and we need to pay 100 a week for 2 kids, my partner can’t afford paying this because ;

Rent all bills and all food clothes and petrol his and hers dept she left him with 25k and she never paid a penny off it. His out going is over 2.500 a mouth but CSA won’t look on his outgoing. She bought house 2 cars got married 2 holiday each year and lot savings then she having her nephew fostering 2 disbllity benefits 2 maintenance one off them is CSA universal credit tax credit ect and now she work she won’t addmit she got Saving but he need to struggle she don’t need 500 a mouth off him.

Those 100 Go on her spending and her going out to pubs this is such not fair CSA need looking into dad outgoing not just income !!!!