They’ve spent four years chasing my partner’s ex wife

November 23, 2013

CSA has spend 4 year chasing my partners Ex wife she IS self employed with income of over 35k but has so far paid less than £50, she has repeatedly resisted as a student going to collage less that 19 hours never going for more than a few weeks and keeps moving house and country.


  • fat slag hater says:

    leave the poor woman alone there are two of you both getting hard ons every time you find something else out about her to go clat taleing about to the csa.
    I bet you sit around all day truly believing that the NRP owes you a living.. look at your relationship its shit if all you have in common is your husband’s ex wife you sad pathetic pieces of shit..
    bet you dont let her see her kids either…

  • paula says:

    dear fat slag hater
    in reply to your posting
    both myself and my partner work full time while the ex now claims to have less than £100 a week income, but she can afford several weeks holiday a year, no one has ever stopped her from seen her 2 children she always claims she cannot afford to travel to see them.
    No one owes us a living we earn it by both working full time but the ex refuses to pay her £2.50 a week in maintanance via the csa, money we always gave to the children as pocket money…we dont really mind as we have 2 children we adore and can frankly do without the cash, if she,her latest child, bargin booze and the other 4 children she prior abandoned would suffer

  • trula schock says:

    Savvy comments , I learned a lot from the facts – Does someone know if my assistant can obtain a blank a form version to fill in ?

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