These people are sick!

October 13, 2014

I emailed you a while ago re CSa taking me to court on 1st oct for liability order. The court was 104 miles away. I’m the one that had my child stollen by social services for reporting suspect abuse. I lost my business an police career

Long story short I supplied evidence to courts that despite CSa saying I never contxaed them, I did and made it clear that if an order granted I will seek compensation for money lost and take out private prosecutions. I showed evidence to the court of social services concealing abuse misleading the family courts etx. I them found out that the court order was tampered with by social services and gave the court a fake court order. Yes it was fake.

Basically the CSa lost the case on 1st oct but received a letter dated 3rd oct stating that they taking out a liability order against me on Nothjer court unless I pay within 7 days

I am now issuing a commercial lien and asking for a harrassnebt order

These people are sick