These ‘lost’ CSA payments seem suspicious

June 15, 2014

I have been receiving regular payments from the CSA for £38 up until 2 months ago when they missed 2 payments.

When i called them they told they hadn’t received any payments from exs employer i was then back payed the two weeks all seemed to be sorted untill it hapen again the following month.

On phoning them this time i was told it was a clerical mistake and all payments have been received regularly and it was because their team had delayed in sending out the payment but i was told i was still not going to be payed as the pot my money went into was empty untill my ex paid again.

This ment that 2 weeks worth of money had disappeared and no one could tell me where it has gone my son is fifteen and my ex has been gone since he was 3 months old the csa only found him when he was 10 even tho the claim was put in when he left but was never made to pay any back pay and now they are losing random payment its all a bit suss and i don’t know how to get any help with it.