The jokers at CSA have left my son without money

December 19, 2014

So it all started in oct 2013 my ex partner was paying payments to myself through te CSA for his son payments were higher than expected so I rang CSA Birkenhead and they assured me this was the correct amount that was owed to myself.

So I questioned it later again in nov 13 to e told the same as I did again in jan 14 all was normal. Then all the mayhem began.

I rang in June 14 to question where my payment was to be told I had been overpaid after asking time and time again was still told that the amount was of £380 +overpayment I was astonished so I was told a statement would be sent then the system would be amended and looked into me paying back this overpayment which I was confused when I received a statement the overpayment had occurred from the oct13-june14 although I had already quoted this and was told it was the correct amount.

From june14 my payments weren’t paid and then we’re given to myself manually by the employees however my payment for June was a no show so I rang and was told I would not revive a payment as the system would not allowed it this continued for 3months of having no money as of CSA fault.

After a number of phone calls and speaking to every supervisor manager colleague still got nowhere until we wrote a complaint being told I should of never been left with no money and the payments should of been taking over 2years so I was given £75 compensation and then paid again in oct.

Being told that in fact my ex should of been paying £62 a week since feb 14 but they couldn’t do anything and still took all the overpayment from me in one. Now as of 28th aug 14 £ 62 a week should be paid I still reviewed no money showing that until cot when one of them informed me of a payment of 184 to be paid.

So I was happy that it seemed to of been sorted until dec 10th 14 that his money had been reduced again to a dif of 20£ a week.

I am now still battling with CSA Birkenhead as they have no said tey put me back into overpayments as of OCt 14 and that I will yet again not recieve any money in jan15th bcause they are paying me the full amount in dec putting me in more overpayments again then trying to take more than what is owed back to my ex. They are an absolute joke and need to sort their act out because of them my son and I are left without the money we are owed.