The CSA will believe any old lie apparently

August 4, 2016

I have paid in full plus extra since both my kids have been small.

My oldest now works and of course his payment stopped. But imagine my surprise when my daughter decided to work full time for a year, to not only have my money not stop but actually go up by 50 quid. I have not had a pay rise am in the exact same position as i was before, but some how i now need to find more money because the mother has told them shes in full time education still that i know is a lie.

But been told i need to sort this with the mother, who i don’t speak too unless extra money is needed like a 300 quid prom dress. Everyone should pay for there kids but i would now like to do it like i do with my son which is pay direct to them and not to her. But tyo be honest CSA if all you have to do is lie, i actually know that right now she is in in full time education on the moon. Am sure you will take this as the thruth as every other bloody lie has been beleived.