The CSA sent the bailiffs but there’s nothing left to take

April 21, 2013

In 2005 i left my partner due to her extensive spending on my account, i ended up £10.000 in debt as had to get a loan to pay off her bills, i left her and my daughter the house and everthing in it,i just had the £10.000 to pay off, i started paying her £25 a week, and helped with other items, after about 6 months she demanded more money so i paid £30 per week but she was not happy so she went to the CSA they worked out my payments and i was paying £32 PW i told the CSA i had been paying direct to the mother, they asked for proof so i got my bank details copied and sent them off.

I then started getting my payments taken out of my wages direct from employer to CSA so i wouldnt fall behind, about 10 months later got a letter from CSA saying i was £1200 in arrears i argued the point but still paid it,and ending up losing yet another property and had to move into a caravan but i got upto date again called the CSA and they said yes im upto date no more money owing, well i thought, then 2008 had a letter saying i was in arrears by £2000, they said it was from the first year of direct payments i told them i had paid direct to mother and that they had copies of this from my bank,i was also offered to pay direct standing order to the mother but the mother denied so i carried on paying to CSA, well that was all cleared up, then 2010 i went self employed still paying £32 pw then had no work for a while and couldnt afford to make the payments i told them this and they told me to sign on, well i never have so i then looked for work and got some money in, called the csa and made some payments to catch up, i admit i had not payed for about 6 months as i lost my house yet again due to relationship breakdown in 2011, and have been homeless since, but then i got a letter sent to my friends house saying i owe £3000,i asked how is it that much, they said from the first year? and from the 6 months I hadnt paid.

I told them they had proof of my first years payments , they couldnt find them and the mother never agreed that i had, well i only use that address for my post,i called the CSA explaining my situation and that i would do my best to pay what i can, i paid £300 in jan 2013 and then they sent the baliffs round to get all my belongings, but i have nothing anymore to take, well i earnt some more money paid another £300 to CSA to try and clear the debt,i asked for a standing order to be set up so i can keep payments up,so im just about to send this off but had another baliff round my girlfriends house saying im now £6,376 behind with my payments? so how when i paid £600 off my bill why has it doubled? so now i have again to sort all this out and wonder will i ever be straight with the CSA, i dont have any problem paying for my daughters future but im not even allowed to see her as her boyfriend doesnt allow it and they fill her head with rubbish, i did send birthday presents and xmas presents but she never received them, so now i have a long battle to sort out the CSA, something needs to be done as they have wrecked my life, every time i call them i speak to diff person have to go through all the explaining to find out they cant do anything at this moment call back another day or we can call you so i say call me, but they never do!!! and i get in arrears because of there doing or not doing more like.