The CSA made my life hell!

March 25, 2021

My exe partner cheated on me with another guy. I left her not know she was pregnant until the csa wrote to me saying I am a potential father. I requested a DNA of the csa my exe refused the csa replied I won’t hear again off them. I then received another letter when the child was 4 saying I am a potential father of the child again I demanded another DNA test she refused that one too the csa said I won’t hear again.

I then received another letter when the child was 7 I told the csa I done too DNAs for this child not doing nowt els. The csa threaten me saying there will attach my earnings and freeze my bank accounts so I had no choice but to do a 3rd DNA test the DNA test came back as my child then the csa contact me saying I owe over 7K in areas from when the child was born and say I have to pay 380 a month. I said I carnt afford that I have 2 children to support and bills and rent to pay then the csa say to me register me and my family in a YMCA there money is more important than my rent so I had no choice but to pay it could afford to pay solicitors for help.

The child is now 18 the mother has never let me see this child but still holds her hand out like a dirty begger in the street. The csa are saying I have to pay till this childs 21st birthday, I tried to tell the csa I have never seen this child because the mother won’t let me, there say go get legal advice.

How can us parents pay for legal advice when the csa take so much money of seperated parents? I think if one parent stops us seeing are children we shouldn’t have to pay, I have basically paid for a radom person I don’t know and still have to till there 21. I think the csa is fully responsible for the high rate in male suicides us males are treated unfair and the csa say its all the man’s fault.