The CSA has failed everyone!

March 23, 2016

My CSA story. Well, where to begin. Its quite an amazing organisation. Generally incompetent, glacially slow, its methods of maintenance calculation completely bizarre and incomprehensible. It appears to be exempt from the rules and regulations governing the courts and the common law in general.

For example, if I am charged with a crime I have the right to a trial. Evidence must be presented and examined by both sides until a jury and/or judge decides an outcome. So far so magna carta. A fair trial and all that. A process we here in the UK take for granted. But not with the CSA.

The benefit claiming parents word is taken as gospel, No evidence of any kind is required. When evidence is produced proving the benefit parent to be a liar, nothing is done. My daughter, now 18, lives and studies in a boarding school in York. Yet the benefit claimer, who lives in the north of Scotland, receives a vast amount of money for a person, note, not a child, whom she does not need to feed, heat or provide shelter for.

That doesn’t matter, because the legislation was drawn up by people who should be herded into gas chambers. The drunk must get the money because the legislation says so. The stories here are sadly typical, Either deserving mothers get nothing or spendthrift drunks get a fortune. This sad organ of government has failed everybody on almost every level. The new organ will be no better.