The CSA are telling me to give my ex money that I clearly can’t afford

May 20, 2013

I have found myself in a situation i wouldnt wish on anyone, but on top of that the csa are enough to push anyone over the top.

I have been out of work since feb, due to my ex running off with my child and taking me to court over lies. on top of the stress of court fees and solicitors as i couldnt get legal aid based on my previous years earnings,(yet she has got it even though she worked and i worked and kept her,) the csa are telling me that i have to pay her money that i am clearly not in a position to pay again based on last years earnings. . .

Iv signed on to job seekers but as i am not able to work 40 hours a week at the moment due to the court case and contact with my son, they say im not even entiltled to that the csa are saying that i will have to pay or be handed over to a debt collector…Laughable while the ex gets tax credits working and child, also her rent and council tax paid and her wages, where as i cant even get job seekers or income support and my mum is paying everything, she also doesnt send him with even a nappy, yet the csa are saying i need to give her money. Please can someone tell me how the hell this system is fair and about benefiting the children when it clearly drives one of the parents to kill themselves


  • Lisa says:

    You can.sign on for job seekers income based, you can.claim that in your own right, tell the csa income and you wont be paying anythin till.they have done a.full reassesment, apply for your data file costs £10 money well spent, then you.need to make a.complaint, have a look website have a look at complaints and templates, gives a.step by step guide to making a compaint by email, good luck, remember you cannot give them what you dont have

  • Sally says:

    @ Lisa – could this be the person to help us?? I know its an old case but maybe she could provide help/guidance etc??

  • eddie says:

    Anyone in the London Middlesex are wanting to start a focus group please contact me t [email protected]

  • Alice says:

    If you are not earning and not in receipt of benefits you will be asked by the CSA how you are supporting yourself financially with no income – if you are being supported by family/friends or living off savings from your last wage etc your case will be re-assessed and your maintenance will be £0

  • dan says:

    Thanks for all the advise i have told them that my mum is supporting me and have tried job seekers they screwed the papework up and put down i was in full time education because i was doing two weekends a month update on my electrical 17th addition so they closed my case and im having to redo it but the csa are saying because i was self employed they are basing it on last year accounts and won’t listen so im apparently in appear and if i don’t pay they are sending debt collectors etc. Andrew if u manage to shoot them say its from all of US please!

  • stuart says:

    Alice did a court case not decide that the CSA now have to prove that the NRP can afford the CM you assess them at? Court cases were stopped by the CSA as making NRP’s prove they could not was against human rights?

    What changes have the CSA made to ensure they comply with this legislation.

    You are fond of quoting legislation you are hampered by, So how have you had to adapt to prove the ability to pay rather than the assumption they can pay?


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