The CSA are taking money without even telling me – is this legal?

May 16, 2013

whilst waiting for the end of the tax year to complete my books to send to csa to calculate my payments the csa went to court without my knowledge, gained an order to take funds from my bank, took the money and then sent me a letter dated 1 day after they had taken the money to tell me theyd taken it, is this even legal?


  • stuart says:

    Yes Alice, Legal if arrears are there and IF contact has been made. The poster gave no clue to this but for someone who prides themself on not assuming and not wishing to mislead, you have done just that again.

    So remind me again if it is legal with the information given? it can not be unless the poster has been warned, informed and refused to pay. Then yes it would be.

    However you failed in true CSA style to discover the facts. and acted wrongly in your initial answer. So the question is it legal is NO. However if arrears are present and you have ignored all warnings then Yes we can do this as a last resort.

    Please be clear and honest Alice.

  • Mike Hunt says:

    Just a quickie Alice if you still are following this post..

    My ex contacted the CSA and informed them I had never paid towards the upkeep of my children.. The initial involvement of the CSA.. I had to prove myself innocent of this allegation by providing bank statements showing I had indeed made payments every week by standing order.. Why then did the CSA not advise my ex to continue with the private arrangement?? The CSA always state it is my ex’s right to Use the CSA but what about my rights??? Since the involvement of your agency my ex has stopped all contact even though I have two contact orders. My ex was initially advised to stop overnight contact for more money. The CSA should work out maintenance and take into account court orders as if I didn’t want to see them I wouldn’t have forked out the best part of 10k in going to court in the first place. My wifes maintenance payments were REDUCED but being the bitter & twisted person she is she continues to use them to make my life a misery by continually harassing me through csa stating I have had wage increases etc..


  • Andy says:

    Just seen my bank statement, csa have taken an extra £40 no letter no warning, ive been dealing with these idiots for 9 years ive always done as they’ve asked regarding wage slips etc, I have a statement telling me my next 12month payments and this new figure with the extra £40 ain’t on it, is that legal?

  • Sally says:

    @ Andy, you should write a letter querying the amount and make sure it’s recorded delivery, I would also suggest you copy in your local MP and organise a meeting with him/her to discuss it as the CSA are lying theives….

  • Paul says:

    3 years ago child maintenence sent me a letter stating I was not the father of said child and this was based on the information that they have, now the mother has made a fresh claim and I’m being told I have to pay, I asked for a dna test last time, she refused to get one done, I’ve asked for it again this time, they have said I have to pay the money calculated while they await results

  • John Munro says:

    I’ve paid money into her bank account for several years now even when we were together. We split up and I couldn’t afford to pay this month so, for one month only, I did not put any money into her nak account.

    She has contacted them and I’m worried that they will take a ridiculous amount once Ive been paid

    My questions are:
    – could they debit money, from my bank, even before the initial contact?
    – she did contact them several years ago and we were given 7 days to reach an agreement. We reached an agreement so CSA did not proceed but would that be classed as initial contact?
    – would you advise me to go and take any money I do have out if the bank?
    – is it classed as Fraud if I quit my job because I can’t afford to live?

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