CSA Complaints

The CSA are like a big stick for your exes to hit you with

I slit with my ex about 8 years ago upon divorce i agreed to pay her money every month witch i did every month for the 8 years . I do not see my young one a she started saying things about me but i just payed the money every month as agreed but now my young one is 16 and going to collage she has gone to the csa for more money i have rang them about 10 times to get it sorted out they do not move on any thing they just want it how they want it no give and take just take.

I dont have any problems giving some money but they just take what they want and how they want .They got intouch but was already £400 in areers and i did not know a case was up and running with them I told them every thing they wanted to know and agreed to set a dd up a superviser said they would get someone to ring me back the next day to sot it out but I got no call back.

So now im 900 in areers and they are go into my wages and are going to take more than I can aford to give.

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