Tax refund interception by the CSA

July 21, 2011

In the past two years i have been in and out of work. I owe money to the csa. I am not eligible for any centrelink payments coz i havent been in Australia long enough to qualify for any benefits. I told the csa all this information and the situation i am in. They still took all my my tax refund leaving me homeless and without any means of finding a job. No money = no train tickets, no phone to apply for jobs, no accomadation. Basically im stuffed. I was told by PRUE at the CSA that it was up to the ATO to decide weather csa would get my tax refund but The ATO said it was up to the CSA. I was lied to and as a result im destitute. I tried to ake an application for hardship but it fell on deaf ears.

CSA pack up at the end of the day not caring about what happens as long as they get money out of people that are in dire financial hardship. They go home to a home and there families and come back to a job the next day.

What about the people that dont because of there decisions. They should be called the Department of Liars especially that PRUE from CSA australia for lying to me.