Taking CSA to Court

November 27, 2014

CSA have been making their deductions since (and before) the child’s age of 16. Mysteriously, they intend to continue with their deductions after the child’s age of 20 (no arrears involved).

I know that the child has not spent the preponderance of his time in ‘approved’ type education since the age of 16.

WOULD it be advisable to take the CSA to Court for wrongful and therefore illegal deductions?

Considering the fact that the CSA are carrying out these financial extractions, surely the onus would be on them to supply proof of the child’s educational status (since the age of 16), furnishing actual attendance records.

Plainly, the CSA deductions could be considered to be unlawful if they are unable to provide such evidence.

Or is the CSA just another legal racket?