Switch to the new CMS system has only made things worse

April 26, 2016

I have had endless problems with the csa even now im still fighting My case has gone over to the new 2012 system i rang them and made a fresh claim as instructed while the old csa was planning on sending outstanding maintenance arrears for enforcement. That never happend it was rejected and the new system was told there is a no contact order or shared care involved so i wanted to do the collect and pay iption which was accepted.

I then got a call stating my ex wanted to pay me directly and they would like me to agree. I told them i agree but i know i wouldnt get a penny. Fast forward 2 months later a schedule is put in place and low and behold no payments. I rang and told them and was informed they have to give him 2 weeks to respond as to why he hasnt paid and then it will take another 2 months to put deductions of earnings into place which is what i requested in the first place! He has 3800 pounds in maintenance arrears and should never have been offered direct pay in the first place. I will now be consulting with a solicitor as ive no other option.