Suspend debt from 2003

August 31, 2011

In Sept 2009 CAS asked me to send infromation on being re assesed which I dis then in May I recived a letter from Belfast saying that I owed £1037.51 suppended debt and needed to pay this in full or make an arrangement to pay amount of £95 amonth or get a loan to pay it off. I spoke to the assesment team in Plymouth they asses me to pay £6.80 a week bearing in mind my youngest child finished school on the 27th May 2011. £6.80 in nothing a week but Csa wanted this suppended debt paying from 2003 I have had statments to say I have a nil balance no word of this supened debt if I had known that I owe this debt I would have paid this from 2003 it is over 8 years.

I have spent over £25 on phone calls starting in Belfast Plymouth Birmingham Glasgow being past from one depatrment to another I can understand how men and women would committe suicide over CSA i feel that there as been maladministration over this espesially when the debt team told me to take out a loan or go to a loan shark to pay this debt I can wall paper the walls in my house with paper work I requested a break down of this supenede debt and they said they would charge me administration cost.

If the CSA would pay the kids not the parent as my ex would just spend it on himself not the kids.