Surely this money should go to the government?

October 12, 2013

was paying child maintenance for youngest child then received letter saying i no longer had to pay as she was 16 and left school.That was several years ago and child is now 30.

Received a letter two weeks ago saying i have to pay £3,800 arrears as my ex-wife had been asked if she wanted the csa to continue with the case and she said yes.

The money is going to her but as she was on benefits surely she was getting benefits for the child as well as herself so the money should go to the government, shouldnt it?


  • Jeremy Lambert says:

    This is just so wrong in every way they are digging up cases of old which are finished and closed but may still have some arrears, then they dangle it infront of the mother look whats still owed to you if you sign here we will get it for you.

    Something has got to be done about this and as a father unfairly treated by the CSA i call out to all fathers we can put a stop to this by exercising our right to peaceful protest.

    If we all put down our tools pens computers or whatever our job is we alone can slow industry down and production to the point that someone will have to intervine.

  • Jeremy Lambert says:

    Oh yeah Mike i will go and see my MP for what he is going to do nothing because they are making money out of us.

    How by using the money they take of us it goes into a City trading account and from there city traders use our money to trade in high risk high return stocks and shares.

    They are using the child as a political pawn its just disgusting.

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