Should CSA be taking payment from my housing benefits?

July 19, 2018

2 1/2 years ago I had a operation that has gone wrong am waiting for surgery to correct this. Was on sick with work for 6 month’s,then esa for 12 months that finished in April, now receiving no benefits. Have been paying csa until benefits stoped. My partner and i put a joint universal credit clam on the 4th june we are now receiving housing benefit that we have just received (today).

I have to pay csa as of the 4th June £7 per week out of our universal credit (housing benefit). We didn’t receive the full amount £500ish we received £190ish as of a over clam my exwife made after I left in 2009. Have spoken to csa and they are not clued up on universal credits and want to know if its right that we have to pay out of the housing benefit?.. We cant afford it pay we are living on hand outs and food bank and have no idea what to do.