She won’t let me near the children but they still want £260 a month

December 15, 2013

Dear Sirs I hope you may be able to help, Not sure were to start, so hay goes, I ask my wife for a divorces two years ago, As my wife used to beat me and drink, most of the time. things were very bad every time she drank .my wife has two children from her first mirage, which I have brought up and supported them as my own chidren .

Myself and my wife have two children together which I have been fighting to see them. My exe stop me from seeing them every time I don’t agree, to her demands I went to the school to give my children a xmas card but the school will not let me give it to them.

She told me if I did not sell our home i would not see the children. I have been maid homeless and sleeping in a car,

She stole all my belonging, I went to the police there told me there cant do any thing, as she has a friend who is a police officer in our local commortey, She touch the ISa £4000 our saving from our home £13000 We had a lot of saving in the family home which she has taken the ISA and she smashed my car up, I’ve had my tyres on my car lashed bye her.

I have been left in a lot of debt bye my exe. I been ripped of bye her and it seems she has the law on her side,

When we split up we both agreed to share the children 50/50, Which I did but she told the CSA had never been with the children and there saying I own them £850, plus at the Moment, she want let me near the children and there after £266 a month

Then she told me I cant have the children as she can get more money out of me, I don’t now what to do.

Am living in a car , I have to go to friends for a shower, the stress am having psleeping

things are bad, it cold sleeping in a car I cant afford this money, but the I Am at a all time low Need some help Please Many thanks for your Time

Yours sincerely,

Mark Long