Separated for a short time and now I owe money to the CSA

August 27, 2011

To cut a long story short me and my partner seperated for a short time and it turns out after about 3 years i owe CSA £2800 to which they have put a detachment of earnings on my wage of £168 per month now they never asked me what my out goings were i have 3 children and a wife who does not work now im paying out my wage on bills and debts i have nothing left we have £140 a week to buy food, clothes pay school dinners and fuel for the car iv explained this to the csa they simply dont care me and my wife are in serious need off dental work but it has to be put behind us because we simply can not afford to pay for the treatment god help if one of us gets ill.

There does not seem to be anyone willing to help us im all for paying what i owe them that is not the problem the problem they dont meet you half way they take what they want and that is that what is the best option for me sack my job and live the high life on benefits it seems to work for all the dole dossers out there