Scandalous CSA won’t pay be back my money

April 12, 2015

I have 2 children, 18 & 19yr old, ive worked in my current job for coming on 12yrs, the DWP were deducting over £300pm through a deductions order which they were still deducting the higher amount when i got paid jan & feb 15, so it shows the snails pace which they all work.

I found out 8th jan 15 I shoudnt’ve been paying CSA for my eldest since 2nd sept 13, naturally thinking im due money back, i contacted them to be told the work wasn’t done, it was with the Bolton office, 4 weeks later after hearing nothing i complained & then contacted my MP (who done nothing).

I complained again & again spoke to the MP, who sent me a sarcastic they’ve already told you this letter, i was then phoned by a womam complaints manager stating they have taken the case from Bolton office & moved it the Falkirk office & within a few weeks she would call me back to tell mw how much & when im getting this money back.

8th april 15 at 1820 i received a phone call from another complaints manager who told me the previous manager had been moved to a different part of the business & shes calling me to tell made a mistake, they’ve done an audit on the cases & now after the audit im due them £6000 for the 2 cases, after a heated conversation & hung up & now find myself actually thinking off jumpin in front of a bus!

Ive had nothing but a scandalous experience of this agency & after paying so much for so long, having letters stating my arrears were paid, my maintainece would cease & i would receive money back, how do i find myself owing them 6k, can someone help?