Rate of suicide is 6 times higher when the CSA is involved

January 9, 2013

I put in a estimate of income in late 2009 due to changes at work.I inform the csa in Jan 2010 that i would earn more than more estimate and informed them again in Feb and March 2010 and the answer was the same,they will correct the estimate when my tax return was put in.Low and behold they took $1007 out of my tax return.No problem .I finished paying in 18/11/2011 and recieved back about $700, I was also told 3 times after that I was finished with them.I got a phone call in May 2012 to say that they had now reconciled from 13/08/2009 to 31/03/2010 and I owed $1105 for that period.I appealed and won [I thought] I have 3 letters stateing the dates above as being reconciled and the bill I owe.NOW they are harrassing me as they say the bill was for the period 13/08/2009 to 31/10/2009 not what is in writing.

The appeal was for the oringnal dates and the SSAT has put that in there decision,they also say that they only had to go by what the csa wankers had said.So now the debt that was for 231 days is now only for 80 days and remains the same but the letters from the csa states different.They have now inform that they will reconile the other 151 days and it has never been reconciled.I have it in writeing from these tossers that it was done.When do these things {people]leave you alone to move on with life or do they want you to commit suicide.

Figures speak loud.The rate for self death is 6 times higher for males dealing with the things [CSA] then the national average and I know why.THEY DO NOT CARE.