PWC lies to the CSA about NRP

December 5, 2009

my partner owes just over £3,000 to the csa for his 3 children. the main debt is for 2 of them with his ex partner who he has regular contact with them as we have them for weeks sometimes especially over the summer holls.

the prob we have with the csa is that they never listen to us, they are pure man haters. his exs case is going back 3 years but the children got taken out of her care and into ours by social services for a year and a half. we have sent of evidence to prove this yet no help or nothing, wich means they want us to pay half of that monry for a time the kids were not even in her care.

its discusting that they never believe the fathers, and are all for the mothers, even the ones who lie just to get more money. she also told the csa that we never have them over night wich really wound me up. the csa need to realise there are hard working, honest, loving fathers out there who buy there kids everything they need, clothes, bags, school equiptment, n mothers who pay for nothing.

weres the fairness in that!!!