Problem is not with my ex, but with his employers!

March 6, 2017

I am frustrated and stressful (to say the list) with the kind of service that I am receiving from CMS. This started about over 1 year ago when I started telling my case worker and anyone that cares to listen that my EX husband employer judiciously deduct child maintenance from the wages of my EX and keep it to themselves without remitting it to CMS as the law demands. You will agree with me that it is against the law for an employer to do so and there are legal procedures to follow to prevent them from doing so.

CMS has blatantly refused to follow those procedures to force the employer to remit the money to them. CMS has many powers at their disposal to use to get this money- like Deduction order, obtaining court order, paying the employers a visit I have been chasing this payments since last over 1 year, They have never complied with the law, the payments comes whenever they like and however they like it, they have never complied because they know that CMS cannot do anything apart from writing letters to them. The last payment I received was on 09/09/2016 and that was for August payment and the arears I am being owned is 2498.68. I have 3 children to bring up, 2 in colleges, when they need food/clothes or going on school trips, I can’t tell them that they cannot go because CMS doesn’t want to enforce the law and force employer to remit the money he has already taken from their daddy’s wages.

Last January I called and was told that the employer said that they have made 3 months payments into arears recovery account that CMS is trying to trace the account. After 1months and still counting, CMS is still waiting for employer to tell them the account number they paid the money into or they are still tracing it. And I ask myself who gave the employer the account number in the first instance or do they just pay the money into any account they like? How long does it take to trace a payment or get the account number? I am actually convinced that CMS does nothing because if they do, tracing a payment doesn’t take one month to do. Is quite frustrating and devastating!!!!!!!!!.

Please all your call are recorded for this kind of issues, trace all my calls and know how many times I have called since last 2 years and complained without anything being done. To make the matter worst, when I call somebody will tell me that they can’t get into my case that my case worker will call me back, nobody bothers to call be to update me, this has happened several times – is this what CMS stand for. I have asked several times to speak to employer’s team or legal team maybe to get reasonable information and I have been told that they are unreachable.

Why this case is so unbelievable is that is not that my EX is refusing to pay but that the employers take the money and not remit it, they are not supposed to do that, is against the law, the law is there for a purpose Please I need somebody, s help here, let CMS enforce the law, let them take the employer to court, let them fine the employer, the law has stipulated so many procedures to follow and you cannot tell me that the law says that CMS should wait for 5 months before taking the employers to court because that’s how long I have waited.