Please help me with my CSA case

July 11, 2010

Please could you help me my child dale Anthony tuttle, born 09/02/93, left college on 07/02/10.

His mother pamela hunter had dale join connections so she got 20 more weeks benefits which has now ended. She no longer gets child benefits for him, which I was told my CSA would close. I have phoned several times and each time the advisor tells me that her benefits have not been looked at. I was told last week that if the benefits have stopped my case will close September as he may go to college, but if dale say for example stopped college in February and her benefits had stopped, then I wouldn’t have to wait till September.

A nice advisor yesterday said to me if her child benefit has stopped the case would be closed, but I’m worried it won’t be looked at again. Please could you help me, I see dale regularly he is not going to college. He is actively looking for a job and is going to apply for job seekers allowance this Friday as his mother wants board money from him as she even said to me her benefits have stopped.

Many thanks for reading this and I really hope you can look at this so it can be closed. Many thanks, mark tuttle. I pay by DEO order out my wages, last payment was £144 on 15/06/2010