Paying too much money to the CSA

May 19, 2012

I currently pay £300 a month for my daughter and this is why.

The original award was based on the fact that i have my daughter on average 72 nights a year. The CSA now tell me this is wrong and im being forced to pay back the money i have not been paying through monthly installments. When i spoke to a CSA team member on the phone i was told that it is because i do not have my daughter for the amount of time stated.

In fact my daughters mother has been lying through her teeth about the amount of time my daughter spends with me and they are basically taking her word over mine.

I have and have had for the past 4 years on average had my daughter to SLEEP at my house at LEAST 96 nights a year and on many occasions more, more like 144 nights. I am at aloss as to how i can be expected to pay so much money because of 1 word above mine.