Paying child support and have not seen my children in 6 years

February 22, 2012

7 years ago my wife at the time and I split up because of her getting caught with another man. I have 2 beautiful daughters from that marriage. Any way I let her have the house and vehicle and money.. Next thing I know there is a man living in my house with her (Her Boyfriend) I was living with my cousin and could never get in touch with her. So 2 weeks went by and I went to house and she was gone along with belongings.

So ended up going to domestic relations and setting up child support for my girls and health care. They lied lied lied lied to courts saying they were residents in another state and was able to take the girls out of state with out me knowing anything. I have not seen them since. I have never missed a payment I talked to the girls a couple times but then mother changes phone number… Last time The new husband offered me $80.000 for me to sign over the girls And of course I told him where to stick that $80.000.

Then when I said no he said he will see to it that I never see my girls again.Here I am struggling to make things work and they are living like kings and queens. There was no checking up on her stories to the court. Everything she told them they believed.

It did not help my Lawyer that I paid dearly for was fired soon after my case because she did not do ANYTHING for me except take Several THOUSANDS from me.

Thank you for listening there is alot more to say but do not have enough time in a day to explain all the stuff I got stuck with..I can’t afford any more lawyers fees I am STRAPPED!!