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Paying Child supoort to California to a woman who lives in Virginia

My name is Charles Elder and I reside in West Virginia. My ex-wife was living in Virginia Beach Virginia in 1998 and then she moved to California without notice. When she got there she told them I had not paid child support which was a lie because the State of Virginia was taking it from my pay checks. After this was straightened out California became the recipient of my payments.

My ex-wife lived in California for two years and returned back to the East coast in 2000. Since her return back she has never closed the case in California and they continue to take 210.00 bi-weekly from my paychecks. My son was born Nov 2, 1991 and is 21 years old now.

I have an active relationship with him and I have medical and dental coverage on him. I got remarried and have been for 15 years but this financial strain is causing friction within my home, and keeping me from progressing financially. It seems unfair that California can continue to take child support when the child has not even lived in the state over the last 12 years.

I have a arrears that should have been caught up by now, but California pays on the interest before the principle. I feel my rights as a father who has met his obligations and continues to meet his obligations is still being punished.

I love my son and continue to help him when I can outside of my child support obligation. But I feel that California has no right to continue to take finances from me.

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