Our daughter has suffered at the hands of the CSA’s actions

August 22, 2016

My divorce has taken nearly five years, split over two countries and everything that we once had in possessions and investments divided by the scourge of society, family lawyers. What followed was a phase of parental alienation, the use of legal aid (fraudulent) to bash me harder and amongst the many tools in the box the CSA was brought into bat to investigate non payment of maintenance. Of course these were false allegations but served a purpose for the solicitors that could wield another cleaver in the family courts.

I have never missed a payment to my daughter and never would yet I believe that somewhere nearing 4000 man-hours have been invested by the CSA in their pursuit of me at my workplace and in their extensive investigations. In the Forces and with over 2000 days of operational experience and awarded honours by HM The Queen and the US President and yet the CSA have managed to make me feel entirely worthless.

The underhand manner of their snooping and harassment have been nothing short of intrusive and yet the person at the very heart of this, our daughter has been caught up by the acrimony that they have created. A lifetime of misery courtesy of the tactless CSA and their failures to help have yielded nothing other than to transfer a DD payment from one person to another at great cost to human relationships. Earlier this month i decided that enough was enough, its dominated my life for too long and in 2017 I am going to leave work for a while. The CSA are thus partly responsible for damaging my career as well as health and not for supporting separated families which they suggest ins their aim. The entire system is a racket.

I’ve never seen such a dysfunctional system that purports to help but instead miscalculates repeatedly. Their involvement worsened everything and is most unwelcome.


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