Old system increase and CSA arrears

February 7, 2011

My husband has an 11 year old son, who he is not allowed to see. He recently received papers from the CSA for an update of his details. Which we foolishly filled in truthfully. Our situation had, changed however he has never missed a payment of £390 per month in 11 years.

We called to may a payment this week to be told that there are arrears on the account of £700 give or take a couple of pounds. When we asked why and we where told that the payment had gone up after a recent re accessment (the information we supplied)

Our circumstances had changed. My husbands job was under threat of being made redundant, so instead of waiting for the inevitable he found a new job around six months ago. Unfortunately if was 150 miles from our house. We moved and rented accommodation in the area where we worked whilst still paying for the mortgage on the other property until we where sure the job was the right move (still he struggled and never missed a CSA payment).

It was a struggle however the CSA refused to recognise both the payments. This hasn’t changed since we have been re accessed. However we did arrange with our mortgage provider a consent to let the property that is mortgaged. The CSA have failed to take into consideration the £850 mortgage, they will only take into consideration the £600 rent we pay in the new location, however surprisingly they will take the £550 rent we receive for the mortgaged property.

My husband has worked hard to get where he is today, he has never missed a payment of the £389 and now there is a possibility that he will walk away from his career because he feels the negatives out weigh the positives. He gets the stress of his job and his ex partner gets the reward of the money.

I do believe that a father should pay for his child,(even a child that he is not allowed to see) however this should be accessed in a fair way. His ex partner is not living on the breadline. She has done well out of a divorce, inheritance and now child support payments. She owns a detached house and drives a nice car she only works part time and last we new claimed tax credits.

Please tell me surely there is something we can do??!!