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NRP and NRPP protest against the CSA encouraging Parental Alienation

Dear NRP’s and NRPP’s who are suffering as a DIRECT result of the CSA the dreadful emotional abuse that is not only affecting them, but their children.

This emotional abuse is called Parental Alienation. Your ex, the PWC is using your children as a weapon and a ‘pay per view’, as they have sussed out that by allowing you access more than 1 night a week, they will get less ££ maintenance. How evil is that?

Worse than that, they will have been poisoning and brainwashing your kids, ‘daddy (or mummy, whoever is the NRP) is useless’, ‘daddy doesn’t care about us cos he won’t give us any more money’ so that your kids will actually be saying to you directly ‘daddy I don’t want to stay overnight anymore’.

So, you might ask, how is this the CSA’s fault?? It’s because of their policies, that enables the PWC to use the kids as a bargaining tool, ‘if you don’t do this or that, I will stop you seeing the kids’ Knowing full well that the CSA will still get the money from the NRP. Even if they stop contact altogether! And, as the PWC has realised that shared overnight care = less money from the NRP…again another CSA policy, the PWC is encouraged not to allow overnight contact, because the CSA will reduce the amount the NRP has to pay the PWC!


I really think something should be done about this…………..why aren’t NRP’s protesting??? The courts don’t care, they take the child’s word for it if the child says they don’t want to see daddy (or mummy, whom ever is the NRP)!



12 thoughts on “NRP and NRPP protest against the CSA encouraging Parental Alienation

  1. I’m up for helping organising some kind of protest or.petition about the above mentioned and other issues too but gathering momentum is difficult I tried a few weeks ago for some guys petition on direct gov but to no avail. I’m willing to get involved and throw around some ideas there needs to be a fairer system 🙂

  2. Unfortunately parental alienation isn’t a proven term here according to the professions and difficult to prove, its only more so in America where it is recognised and parents jailed for it.

    Yes I know first hand by being an nrpp it exists but nobody believed that the darling pwc could be so vindictive and my husbands grown up children already poisoned against him…its very cruel to witness especially when I was left to raise 2 children and would give nothing more for my ex to want to be involved! Pwcs like my husband ex don’t want daddy involved yet still want their money that’s the bit that gets me!

    We’re a nation that is geared against the nrp to begin with, thats where the change needs to start.

  3. That’s why we need to group together to fight the injustice of this corrupt system. Change will only come about if we stand together and fight.. I don’t want to be the partner of a NRP who moans about how unfair CSA system is.. I want to take a stand and help to make changes, but I can’t do it alone.. We need to work together.. So if anyone is serious about taking a stand let me know 🙂

  4. Unfortunately for us Ellie its come to late as my husbands children are now adults with their own children…I met him when his youngest was 14 and that was 7 years ago, if I had met him earlier I wouldn’t have stood for the bs he was getting from his ex and the csa!

    To be honest I wouldn’t know where to start, I’ve complained to the mp’s, I’ve complained to the CSA because I know from my own case that they treat pwc and nrp differently….my husband was already labelled a deadbeat without knowing the facts when the csa claim went in, plus our own prime minister has said absent fathers are like drunk drivers….with an attitude like that where do you start? We are a nation full of feminists and I feel very sorry for our men now I’ve seen it first hand and what a society I’m raising my little boy in!

    Parental alienation first needs to be a recognised by professionals as an act of cruetly by the pwcs but its proving it that’s the problem.

  5. Ellie, thank you I am willing to protest too…….to bring media attention to PA and hopefully get it addressed as a crime…as it is in the US. Although it’s not easy, it’s vital as these children affected need to be protected.

    Jo, your support is just as crucial even though you say it’s in the past…I urge you to read Dr Amy Baker’s book: Adult Children of Parental Alienation. It is truly an eye opener, much of it is sad, and upsetting, but it’s also really good re help/advice and support. I have been in contact with Dr Baker and she is willing to help in anything that gets media coverage, i.e if we ever got successful with say a programme like Panorama or Dispatches. She also does counselling/advice 1:1 by phone (she lives in the US), but it’s quite costly.

    ANYONE affected by PA, whether in the past, or present should tell their story and participate in protesting if they feel able to, it’s emotional child abuse and we owe it to the children affected, and those yet to be affected.

    I live in Dorset, but I will travel to support in a protest!! Count me in!!

  6. I went to Mediation to get access sorted out. The statement of outcome is in black and white what was agreed. Sent to the CSA as evidence of number of nights. However the ex is disputing the number of agreed overnights because it will mean less money!!! Pathetic, Greedy and manipulative ………. I pray for karma to come!
    Waiting to hear what the CSA decide’s – already had one run in with them over my wages which I disputed and took all the way to Tribunal and won. Don’t be afraid to fight them. I will on this one again. The CSA think they are gods and can mess with your lives giving you incorrect information and not even knowing the rules themselves!! My Tribunal and complaint to the CSA led to me getting compensation from them and an internal investigation into the Managers work ethics.
    So if you believe they are wrong – my advice fight it all the way.

  7. Hi,
    First of all well done to you taking on the csa and winning! I have encouraged my bf to fight them (he’s the nrp) but sadly despite letters sent special delivery signed for, and phone calls and evidence to the contrary the csa went to his employer for a deo. Despite many letters from csa stating no arrears, him always paying the amounts they asked, they still came up with £4k of arrears. Even the breakdown of the account made no sense! Their answer, at the time there were no arrears, but now there has been a reassessment (3 yrs later!) so the arrears stand. I even got an expert solicitor who said they can basically do what they like…

    With regard to mediation, she (his ex and PwC) refuses mediation. And now it’s been 4 yrs since he has seen his kids legal advise is that their ages (10 and 13) mean they will be listened to in court, and whatever they say taken as coming from them. Even though it’s their mother who’s alienated him and poisoning them against their own father. Last b’day card, his daughter card was returned unopened with no note inside. He has no contact numbers for his kids or his ex. Just an address to send b’day and Christmas cards, which he has and will continue to do. Only now he does moonpig etc so he has email confirmation in case the evil mother (PwC) rips it up or doesn’t give it to the kids.

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