NRP address and phone number given to CSA, still no money

September 16, 2012

For the most part the CSA has been a good agency, however, my husband and i both have cases and in the past 6 months we have gotten appointment letters numerous times for various information needed. We went down to the Kissimmee office back in February and here it is September and the other parents we are attempting to get support from still havent been notified (even though one lives 20 minutes from us and we have supplied her address) I dont mind sending in the forms required or going when needed but do i have to have an appt every 2 months?

For one of my cases the father isnt on the birth certificate and has never seen my daughter who is now 17 he changed his last name and i gave that information all i know is his name and where he lives why do i keep getting appts for paperwork I dont even have….i have no information on him other than what i have already provided. I think my husband and i having to come to the office every couple months for appts. is unneccesary especially when the other parents involved havent even been notified of anything. I am not here to stir the pot but wow what a long process to get support my daughter will be 18 before i see a dime or so it seems.

Paternity still has to be proven although i am 100 percent sure. I mailed an authorization form to release information to me for my husbands case 3 WEEKS ago!! its still not inthe system. and the CSA i talked to this morning said it takes a while when you mail it you should have just brought it in. I dont have the gas to run all around for papers that can be mailed in! also my husband has to RESUBMIT his ceritified copy of his divorce his son birth certificate etc and we have already done this, the CSA worker in Kissimmee pulled up picture of his ex wife when we were there and asked if it was her and we said yes. I just dont understand where the system is failing.

I just had to get that off my chest and guess i will go to the office and submit everything again and hopefully maybe possibly this time we will get some results.

Have a great day and it should be a quicker process to notify the parent who owes child support especially when their address is provide and phone number and they live 20 min away.