Not entitled to money from CSA as ex doesn’t work

November 29, 2011

I was married for 16yrs and had 3 children in the marriage. I divorced my husband in 2004 and have never recieved a penny in maintenance. He has refused to work (although I know he works cash in hand).He does not claim any benefits, lives with his parents rent free and meals provided.

He does not know how or if his children are being fed or clothed.

I contacted the CSA after the divorce and was told my children were not entitled to anything as he does not work. The CSA is a disgace he should be given a time limit in which to find work or face imprisonment like they do in the USA.

He recieved £16,000 redundancy, £9,000 and a £28,000 endowment policy from the divorce. I was told by the CSA that I could not claim any of this for his children as it was assets not earnings. This has given him the tools to sit on his butt and not attempt to try and provide for his 3 fantastic sons.

I work every hour that God gives to provide for them, but I worry if I become sick what happens to them.