No light in a long tunnel

September 8, 2014

How far do you want me to go back with the hell.. at the very beginning it was aggreed with me ex wife that i would pay her £80 a week. she would come round on the friday my children in hand and it would be a matter of me passing over the cash in the left and her handing me our children in the right if for 1 week i didnt have the cash as she maxed out the cards and cleared out the accounts and i would have a bill to pay so couldnt give her the cash, she would walk away with the children screaming as we wanted to be with each other (me and the children, anyway this went on for a while until she then got back intouch with csa saying i hadnt paid her for weeks, they automatically took her word for it as i didnt have proof of payment reglardless of me telling them she would only accept cash,so straight away im put into arrears

A few years later i was made redundant from my company, i signed on and filled out the forms they tell you to and one of them was for being out of work and them paying csa, when i got another job they automatically put me into arrears saying i have to pay for when i wasnt working as i didnt call them, i told them times were hard i had no cash and that i had filled out the forms at the job center, Csa’s reply regardless you still have to pay in full.. a few years go by back and forth with my ex trying to get more money from me lying through her teeth saying she was picking them up and droping them off lucky enough i was one step ahead this time and kept petrol recipts from where there living showing i was always collecting and dropping them off so that clam was dropped.. a frw years ago my case was migrated to the new system. which always puts you into arrears down to the way it calculates apparently, but i found out that i was intitled to a reduce in payment as there with me every other weekend and most of there holidays, they had to confirm it with my ex, to which she replied there never there and now its down to me to prove myself again

Csa have put me in so much Debt where im not left with two coins to rub together, with what cash i did have i started to pay for my daughters car insurance, Csa said they would take it into consideration if my ex accepted it. and you can guess her reply .. NO Way .. im at an end with no where to turn, bills up to my eyes and no light in a long tunnel.