No contract with the CSA, so do not pay

April 14, 2012

Why would you pay the csa you have no contract with them and you do not require thier services. the angle to me is that it is an unfair and unjust act that is not assessed on your actual circumstances ie living costs. I have now been evicted from my property as I have fallen on bad times which is from a change of paying £1400 per month to csa although my x lives in luxury house had savings of £ 15.000 plus £30k rings on her fingers butof course will always be supported by the authoriites even when she is making no effort to work.

The goverment is a limited company therefore a commercial enterprise so how can they be different to any commercial dispute or debt the answer is they cannot only by statute laws they create which I beleive is UNLAWFUL as we opperate under COMMON LAW which decision must be made by Jury and therefore making decision in a County Court which is a court of adjudication and therefore if two parties do not agree a compromise then a Judge or Magistrate can not make a judgement without a Jury I am trying to find out whether this is correct from my MP but I have put the cat upon the pigeons as it makes a mockery of the system and how we have the wool pulled over I eyes. Please lookon makes interesting reading.


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