New CSA rules 2011

October 24, 2010

I heard that CMEC is one of the quangoes to be quashed by the government, however, the csa will remain but a new system will be introduced in 2011, I found this on a lawyers website to explain it, People most likely to benefit from changes to the Child Support Agency are the self-employed, says a Kent family law solicitor.

The CSA is to be replaced by the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission(CMEC).

Susi Gillespie, 33, a solicitor in the family law team at leading regional law firm Furley Page, comments: “The new regime is assessed on gross rather than net income. If you are self-employed you can ‘pay’ yourself in ways that incur less tax and you can also claim tax relief on all kinds of things that wouldn’t be possible under PAYE. In effect, you can generally keep more of your income.
“This doesn’t mean you’re acting illegally. It’s just the inevitable result of a tax system that allows people to claim reliefs because they have to go to the trouble of completing a tax return – and different types of income are taxed at different rates.”
There are three main changes to the CSA, explains Susi.

First, percentages applied to the paying party’s income under CMES above £800 a week are lower. The paying party will now pay 12% of gross income up to £800 a week in respect of one child; 16% for two, and 19% for three or more children. (The current CSA rates of 15% for one child; 20% for two, and 25% for three children are applied to the whole of the paying party’s net income below £2,000 a week.) Income above £800 a week gross (the ceiling is £3,000 a week) will be subject to the above percentages for the first £800 with lower percentages of nine per cent for one child; 12% for two, and 15% for three or more children applied to the remainder.

“However,” says Susi, “the potentially unhelpful rule allowing the paying party a reduction of one seventh for every 52 nights a year that the child or children stay over with them is unchanged so the other party still has a financial incentive to restrict this facility.”
(For people already being assessed by the CSA for maintenance, the new rates won’t come into force until 2011.) Second, private agreements will be upheld – even where the receiving party gets benefits and payments in kind such as contributions towards school uniforms, clothes or holidays.

But Susi points out that as the existing rule allowing either party to apply for an assessment after an agreement contained in a court order is more than 12 months old continues to apply, it will be impossible to negotiate financial agreements with any certainty that the agreed levels of child support will remain the same.

Third, child maintenance will not affect the receiving party’s benefits claim in any way. This change will be implemented from April 2010.


  • Fraser says:

    to review my payments taking into account that my travel expense exceeded £400 per month and my ex refused to pack my children clothes for the weekend, I had to buy them a whole new set of clothes periodically, which is expensive. I asked if they could assist at the times she refused access but they said no. They are happy to demand money but that where the line is drawn. So I had to incur further costs in court for a solicitor.
    The csa is useless and from my experience only favours the woman/resident parent.
    Rant over.

  • donna says:

    Ok so how come men complain about paying for a child that is theres by blood???Does it make sense to you??it doesnt me seeing as i was in a domestic violent realtionship which ended up me gettin courage and kicking him to the kerb where he belonged and agreed to normal contact to which he would point blank refuse to bring her home and even at times try to bribe me into bringing her home if we talked to get back together?!?!Then my solictor ordered court proceddings to try and avoid this and try to establish normally agreement which would be obyed by both parties to which yet again he kicked up a stink and then resulted in him attacking me and was proven guilty in court and charged even though he refused to anyone he did such a thing!!Contact then was stopped by a judge and a restaning order slapped on him to which he didnt care he still sit outside my house and brake into my gardern and follow me which then resulting in me moving miles away and him having to do courses to start contact rolling again to which he has refused all the while this was going on his payin 5pound a fortnight and thinking his providing for his daughter when infact it didnt even buy her nappies!!My husband pays and has payed for everything for her since we met.He now knows how to get round the system and work 16hrs a week to still only pay 5 pound a fortnight and not pay any of the 800 arrears off!!!!!Now thats what u call a low life father!!!If u men or women who r like this feel the need that u dont want to part with ur beloved money or not think u should provide with ur offspring why dont u have safe sex!!!!!!!

  • Paul says:


    I can understand the frustration. I never went as far as you did in my case but I certainly did my best for at least 5 years – starting with by setting up immediate payment to her from the outset, in advance of contacting the csa to inform them that I’d left the family home. She did at least have the house and the car which, at least while the kids are there should be expected. Sadly though, anything I ever tried to do after I left (despite living over 100 miles away), including expensive and difficult travelling to visit as often as I could I gradually saw the degeneration of any respect the kids had for me along with a continual bombardment of ‘mind games’ being channelled towards me.

    Being open and honest towards my kids didn’t pay off at all; in fact it was only ever turned against me one way or another over a long period. To boot, my mother(their grandmother) was totally shut out – as she had been for practically all the kids lives – even when I was married. In fact most of my familly were. In the end though, whatever love I had for the kids and whatever I did was totally dismissed. They’ve been poisoned so badly I had no chance.

    I’d always paid the ex directly (while letting the csa know each time about changes to keep the record straight. At the moment I pay far less, because I lost my job but I went self employed and am working really hard to develop business. Not all of us NRP’s are bone idle or have no self respect do we. Nobody owes me a living. When things improve I’ll certainly willingly pay more – and even now, although she doesn’t realise it, I still pay her more than the csa would assess. I also live very very modestly; a room in a shared house, no car etc etc and my rent is unavoidably expensive. No chance of downsizing!

    My kids were obviously waiting for the the chance to be openly abusive and have done just that. I received two vile abusive letters from the two eldest (one now 20) proving what I suspected for years about the influence they’ve been under. So, finally, I really did decide to walk right away for my own sake. I had to in order to stay sane and concentrate on earning a living – which naturally affects them too. And I had to accept that there was nothing more I could do. I also deserve some life too and thankfully have a fantastic range of friends, old ones and many new ones. Thank god I have a strong mind and am able to move on. My ex will have to live in her own miserable poison and everything she’s created around her, without my involvement now. What a terrible legacy for my kids though.

    I don’t blame the csa for any of those things of course; they’re our problems, not theirs, but I think there is very little, if any support for fathers in this country. It’s very weighted towards women and many take full advantage of that in the cruellest manner – as there are also fathers who think that it doesn’t matter to bring kids into the world and forget them. Thankfully, I haven’t lost faith in all women and realised that sometimes it’s better be as honest with yourself as possible, to do your best with the cards dealt and look after yourself if someone else is so determined to destroy you.

  • john mckee says:

    old rules new rules they are the only agiency in britain that have 2 sets on rules i would be 40 pounds a weak better of on the new rules than old alot of money a year saved for retirement i live weak to weak at the start of weak no money at end of weak pay money out living for nouthing if put on new rules i would not look for any money back to which we have all paid to much it is a breach of human rights and i got told by mp the only way i could take them to eauropean court of justice is if i have a spair half million when the banks got told they were in wrong for payment protection they had to give back all money to customers they wont admit they are in the wrong cause it would be millions they would have to pay back but cant cause the mothers have already spent it and no way would pay it back to them i dont want no money back i just want one set of rules thats all a fair system for all why should the man next door earn the same as me work same hours have same contact but be better off 40 pound a weak this countrys gone wrong i hope people will leave there comment

  • BrokenMendedBlendedFamily says:

    I’m currently having numerous frustrating interactions with the CSA.

    My ex and I separated well over 18 months ago. I began a CSA claim in October. I have the kids, they spend 2 nights a week with him. He is a freelancer (as am I) so is a Ltd company director, and has told them his net income is £274 a week. In fact, he earns £250 A DAY. They have worked out that for 2 kids, he should give me the grand total of £31.25 a week. He says as he is now paying that, he doesn’t have to contribute anything else.

    He is living in our marital home (he wouldn’t leave and I had to get the kids out of that situation) paying the mortgage of £250 a month, while I am in a rented house paying £1700+ a month in rent alone.

    Yet my partner, who doesn’t see his child, and who only earns £1500 a month, is expected to pay £47 a week for just one child.

    How can that be fair or right?

    The CSA don’t take into account people’s legal financial obligations, and as a result I’m effectively subsidising my ex and my partner now as he doesn’t have enough left to contribute 50% to the rent and bills – as well as paying for everything for my kids, school dinners, childcare so I can work, hobbies, shoes, clothes and providing a roof over their heads.

    The system is screwed and doesn’t seem to help the people who genuinely need it.

    My only other option is to take my ex to court, which I can’t as I have no money once I’ve paid for all of the above, so there is literally nothing I can do.

  • frank says:

    i just recieved my csa review after 2 years of a steady 2 weekly payment .my wife no longer works prefering to see our girl grow up at least for primary school. i was delighted to give over all my income details thinking my payments would drop due to less overall income. how mad am i to get my hopes up my payments just doubled thanks to this new calculations. im pretty sick of it all im more than happy to pay a fair amount .but the ex is off her head with rage .no way of coming to a private agreement when the csa will do all the leagal dirty work,

    access to my boy , whats that .. when i popped in at his birthday with his little sis aged 4 , him aged 12 the ex took my boy hid upstairs pretending not to be in .craaaaazzzzzzeeeeee nut ball. when she finaly answered the door cos i used my wee girl to shout ; :its your brthday present : she stood and said what do want??? soon as that came out her fat gob my wife came bursting out the car and took my wee girl back to the car talk about annother women to peacify .lord help. needless to say after the ex aandd my son had told me where to go that was all i was prepared to take till hes a little older then i can try contact with him on his own instead of going thru a psycho nut bitch.


  • Andy says:

    I was on the first scheme until the CSA “accidentally” closed my case. The new scheme then took over, I don’t mind paying the amount now, however I am now separated and living in rented accommodation with all the additional costs that incurs. I am correct in thinking the new system will not take into account my housing costs?

  • A mum who puts her kid 1st forever says:

    To all you pathetic low life, loser men out there…….

    You all owe HALF (50%) on anything bought for and paid for by the parent who did not walk out on there child(ren) ….that includes….

    Days out

    It all amounts to thousands, yet you all moan about getting screwed over by the CSA because you are all so pathetic you can’t just give what your meant to to the parent who brings up the child directly, you have to go through the CSA because you’re so selfish, can’t be trusted& worst of all you put yourselves before your kids….pahahaha!
    I really hope CSA re-evaluates how much maintenance is paid by you sperm donors, it should be a lot more!

  • excityboy says:

    A mum who puts her kid 1st forever.

    Rent and Bills you would have to pay anyway, regardless of children. And guess what, some fathers are refused contact by vindictive Ex’s so how can they buy clothes and toys or pay for hobbies and days out.

    Oh! I get it…… The father should just pay the mother what she demands regardless of her behaviour and refusing access…………………..Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50/50 don’t work like that love.

  • stew90 says:

    I have 50/50 custody, I pay for my own house (plus I took on the debt of mortgage aswell) and my little girl wants for nothing, she spends quality time with me and she has lots of hobbies some of which my ex wife does not contribute in helping with, yet how can it be fair that I still pay out for maintenance? I provide clothes so she feels like she has two homes to go to, we eat well, indeed we have a very happy life, I’m sorry to say that the system lays heavy on the womans side and to be honest women play the poor wife card very well and abuse the system for what I percieve as pure greed. 50/50 custody I think should be that exactly which means I pay my half and she pays her’s, I pay my half providing a safe and loving home for my little girl to come too and for all the outings and treats she recieves, yet on top of that I pay £240 to my ex wife……..Ludicrous

  • stew90 says:

    ps that 50/50 is 182 days plus with me

  • stew90 says:

    A mum who puts her kid 1st forever.

    so how do you explain that????? I concur with excityboy on April 20th, 2012 2:23 pm you would be paying bills anyway I have equal custody and my girl gets the best of both worlds as I see it, she now has two happy homes instead of one unhappy one, it is not my daughters fault that her parents marriage broke down but you make the best for them, sadly ex partners trying to sting money from you makes it so much harder and it is easy to not see “the wood through the trees”

  • Jimmy B says:

    Have been reading all of these stories with interest and thought I’d share what happened to me! I met my ex 8 years ago and we hit it off straight away, things were great however she was pregnant! The babies father wanted nothing to do with her so I took it upon myself to bring her up! We went to court and got parental responsibility. 4 years later we had another daughter. We were due to get married and were happy, I thought. I got a loan and bought us a family car and with the rest of the money I cleared her debts from a previous life so to speak. 3 months before the wedding she started going out more, she said to relax. I thought nothing of it. Then members of her family, my family and friends of us both told me they thought she was seeing someone else! I didn’t believe them. I was wrong. I was at work one day and she called me to tell me it was over. I was devastated but decided to do the right thing by her and my children. I left them everything!! I was even almost homeless but thankfully something turned up. It turns out she had been having an affair with a young lad from our village! He was having family problems and while I was still with my ex I used to lend him money, my car and feed him!! I felt sorry for him!! All the time they were laughing at me and had been planning things for quite some time!! Anyway as I said I left them everything and we came to an agreement on how much maintainence I would pay!! I never missed a payment. I also bought clothes, shoes, brownies outfits etc. My ex or her boyfriend barely work and she contacted me recently to ask if I could give her money in cash due to the bank charges eating all her money up. It turns out she is in debt again!! I know from others that he is in debt aswell!! It came as no surprise that she recently contacted me to tell me she wanted more money. When I asked how much she said however much the csa suggest! I went onto the calculator and almost fell over!! I earn a good wage but my out goings are high! I’m still paying off the lone that cleared her debts and pays for the car that her and her boyfriend drive around in, my rent is quite high and so are my bills!! The amount the csa suggest I pay her would leave me, after my outgoings, with basically nothing!! And that is no exaggeration!!! Under £100!! So, not only did I loose my home, my family, car and the life I knew and loved I am now going to loose what money I had left a month!!
    I am not condoning fathers that don’t pay for their kids, I think they’re wrong! You should pay, I do pay, I’ll never stop! Those girls are the most important thing in my life. My question is this, after everything I’ve been through being basically set up over the months leading up to the break up with my ex and everything I’ve given financially in the past, how can the csa say that I need to pay the amount they do?? Surely there must be some morale ruling for the people, fathers and mothers, in my situation! The money I give her I doubt goes to the kids and coincidently I’ve found out recently that while I’ve got the kids for a period in the summer she/her and him are going abroad on holiday!! I cannot afford to go in this country let alone abroad!!

    The csa or whoever they are called need to look at individual cases in more detail! I’m not one of those people who pay nothing or lie about their wage to payless, I pay for my kids, I buy them toys, clothes, everything! I’ll now, it looks like, have only enough money to eat beans every day!! While she can go abroad and drink sangria or whatever!! And neither of them work!! Something seriously wrong with our system!!

  • mark guryn says:

    Just a thought for people who have 50/50 custody. the csa laws are in stone, they have no discretion or common sense they will automatically make the father pay. You need to put in a counter claim. dont argu it. if there is no residence order in place you can put in a counter claim.

  • johnb3 says:

    Hi There listened to you all. some good some bad. i have just gone back to the csa and i dont care what its going to cost. i only seen my daughter once this year. Thats because my ex’s family tell her she can make the decisions of when she goes to her dads. She’s Eight i was going to get a custody order which i was told by my ex that if my daughter does not want to come to me then her family will all be there to stop me from taking her. I have now been diagnoised with stress and have had to cut contact with my daughter as it was making her upset as she did not know what was right or wrong.
    What im trying to say is it doesnt matter who you are your kids are not pawns in a game of chess. Nrp’s just want to be treated equally as Pwc’s we want a fare pay system as its not always the Nrp;s fault things are the way they are. And Pwc’s need to understand that ranting and raving at the nrp only gets our backs up and make us resentful in paying. As long as we are shouting and not paying there will always be a CSA.

  • John Barnes says:

    Some women are plain evil. I split up with my ex after she started a relationship with another man when my child was 6 weeks old. She left me devastated and since then it has been a struggle to see my son (now 10 months old). Although she was constantly telling me the new man in her life would be my sons dad she demanded more and more money. I told her id support her as much as she needed, i just wanted 24 hrs a week with my son and she wouldnt need to worry about anything…seriously i wanted 1 day out of 7. To her that was me being controlling and she hated that she was at my “mercy’- her logic! I have been subject to three arrests due to false allegations and now i only see my son in a contact centre 2 hrs a week! all this and she went to the CSA. I know have to pay the privilege to see my son 2 hrs a week (i pay for the private contact cenre and her expenses to travel there). i live each day knowing my beautiful son is being brought up by another man who may not be there next year when he has a dad that adores him. My only saving grace is that i am self employed so can control when i work, what i earn etc. Trust me i want nothing more than to support my son, i put money away for him each month; if the CSA were taking 15-20% of my salary at this moment i think id seriously think about ending it all. Its hard enough not seeing my son but putting myself into debt and misery while some other guy is playing happy families (for free) would be too much for me. I used to be a strong person, when i had my son it was the best moment of my life, we have such a strong bond, that was taken away from me and the CSA want to compound this misery!

  • ron says:

    I have just suffered loss of two good jobs two relationships and ended up with a debt of nearly £4000 over a two year battle with every dept and procedure of the csa. I was seperated in 1997 from a wife that had two affairs,I lost 5 yrs contact with my 5yr old daughter and 3yr old son, I lost a house I OWNED FOR 15 YRS BEFORE I met courted or married this one. I ended up declared bankrupt for two years after being served 5 money orders for her and my two kids. I had a order put on my house so I could sell it etc etc.
    this person had many relationships,poisened and kept my kids from me,which caused me to abduct my kids for 5 days to make her realise what it feels like not to see the kids. I unfortunatly had to attend a crown court hearing to gain access to my flesh and blood and was informed I could only see my kids supervised and watched over at a detention place, I refused and ended walking out of court retracting all my case and evidence,she won custody and residence automatically,she had to serve a two yr seperation order to gain a dissolvement of marriage , ITHEN moved abroad from the stress oand loss of everything material job money and dignity wise.
    she continually abused me verbally and statement wise to everyone she met making me out to be the worst.
    I returned to uk 2 yrs later never saw my kids,I started another relationship with a women and her two kids ,when she found out where and what i was doing working etc she filed for maintainance, in the process the csa wanted my partners details wages bank account etc to assess my payment, but under data protection and human rights law we refused to give the csa these details ,so they interim assessed my payments, the payment was excessive and due to a accident at work i become unemployed and on incapacity benefit…… soon after my new relationship suffered problems of hassle and torment which resulted in me parting company and living with my father for a few months. this was now around 2003.

    my case with the csa was filed in some dusty shelf somewhere and stayed there till june 2010 never actioned or dealt with.I had took my kids on holiday abroad and paid direct money cash for school uniforms clothes etc along with birthday, xmas presents and such sent always all through from 1997 on wards and such.

    the actions that happened in between 2003 and 2010 was nothing. the reason of 2010 was that my ex wife after having no contact as she didnt want the new partner of hers knowing the truth of her past.had poisened my kids to not seeing me for the last 5 yrs, she had poisened my kids to have me sign for their names to be changed to her maiden name. and she stated that her and the kids wanted for nothing and that also they didnt need my money or contact any further as they had everything they needed and was happy with the new 5 bed detached house,own buisness partner and everything else hunky dorey.
    so i have always been forced to accept what ever poisionous action she has served and had to deal with the abscence of my children of which are at the ages of 19 and coming up to 18. my daughter is living with a boyfriend and has given birth to a daughter whom ive never seen and never will.and my son still lives with his mother ,goes to college two days a week and doesnt work. and i have had over the last two years my maintainance payment go from £58 @ week to £132.08 @ week for a son who is nearly 18, the mother works partime 12/15 hrs a week and wants for nothing and pays nothing he pays for everything. and his statement too me was we dont want your money or contact.

    but backtracking to june 2010 she had an affair and he found out ,he kicked her out took her car off her and sold it and she was on the street with no job ,no money,one 17 yr old son ,and no home or furniture , so she put in a csa claim for maintainance against me the not wanted abandoned NRP. since she has gone back to him under strict house rules,she still works partime and gets child benefit cos my son is at college and she recently kicked him out because he has a girlfriend she doesnt like and she paid his best friends mother £[email protected] week to keep him whilst she receives £[email protected] week maintainance from me.
    I met up with my son after a call that he wanted £40 / £50 @ week from me to survive and live……… I showed him in paperwork wage slips and court /csa papers what I was paying his mother and he was shocked…..but he is back home and living the life of riley with his money grabbing / freeloading mother.
    and all this goes on because of two rule system and the pathetic sham of a system and the csa.
    Ive been through two tribunals god knows how many times and departments of the csa and their complaints ,appeals and whatever system,also I have had the local MP, citizen advice and another organisation in birmingham NACSA involved ,also independant case examiners and also two face to face interveiws with a csa person at a local jobcentre to show and discuss points of paperwork and wrong calculations & assessments of the csa….but all to no avail the csa still rules with their bent fob off atitude and procedures.after the loss of two good jobs and 3 deduction of earnings orders i have decided to live a life of poverty and the final loss financially emotionally and practically might be on the streets come sept 2012 if not before ….because of the csa and its pathetic system. and this is all because that money grabbing, gold digging, freeloader of a ex wife has never and will continue to use the system in favour of her the PWC having full control will not close the account and file that has been active from 2003 as an old scheme assessed case.she refuses to appear at a tribunal case,she refuses to give he employer details and she has on four occasions never reported change of circumstances. but she controls everything and she wont send letter in to close the case….because she financially benefits £660 @ month from my skills qualifications and hard work. whilst she and my son sit at home.
    SO MY FORCED ACTION IS TO CLAIM Job Seekers allowance and lose everything and finally end up on the streets homeless.

  • Hope you,ve all heard of transition!!!!!!!
    I was on csa1 for 11 years. I payed 30% of my salary. then my ldest turned19, I still payed 30%. I had a relationship and that paracite had an affare had a child bt didnt know who the dad was.
    Turned out to be mine. I was moved onto csa 2 were I assumed I was going to pay 20% for two children??? no!!! The CSA paracites are making me pay 30% for my youngest daughter and 15% for myson from the unfaithful bitch. They told me they cant pull the rugg from under my wifes feet so av to reduce her payments gradually over the next five years. My payments are over 600 a month for the next 10 years, I should retire at 55!!!!!! now I must work till I drop because of TRANSITION!!!!!!!!!!!! Decent Honest dads BEWEAR!!!!!!!

  • carol says:

    FFS skint for ever….

    Is there no way you can become self employed? Let them have your version of transition because what you wrote there was pure evil.

    Their rules are changing to suit….

    I am speechless….

    Jesus Christ……

  • j says:

    Hi Graeme,

    Just read your post – “graeme on October 24th, 2010 11:56 am

    This will be another failure. I say this because they will probably do the following:

    1. All new cases from 2011 will be put on this scheme.

    2. All cases currently under CS2 will then be transferred over… that will take another 7 years.

    3. ALL cases on CS 1 will remain on this till CS2 has been transferred, hence another 7 year wait.

    So in 14 years time when my son is 27, I may expect to get transferred to the new scheme.”

    You forgot to mention the most important bit, all those low grade civil servants who will have jobs in areas of high unemployment for years to come so that unemployment figures are ‘massaged’ making whatever political party (they are all the same) in power ‘look good’ in their own eyes.

    Its not ‘proper’ jobs, they don’t make anything or provide a valued service, they just collect money, much of which goes back to the government.

  • PG says:

    I have read a few of the comments, and on the whole the CSA system is fatally flawed as a NRP i know this only too well the demands placed on me.

    YES – the Father or NRP should pay their bit, Both incomes and essential bills should be taken into account not just Tax and NI, mortgage/rent, gas, electric and water.

    The income of the PWC should also be taken into account i.e. if the NRP is pot less and / or genuinely ill and unable to work and the mother or PWC has money or now partnered with money, why take it as it serves no purpose to make the NRP suffer as it may not be wholly their fault.
    If two people stayed together and had no money they would go with out and not have some things even go without food or delay bills etc with agreement from lenders of course.

    Under CSA when separated one or the other still has to pay regardless, or is self employed the amount doesn’t change for 6 weeks,

    Please note the children need food, clothes, water and washing, a roof and a bed, contact with both parents is essential always or when and if possible.
    Although you may hate with a passion the PWC, whatever the PWC gets financially it at some point will pay or go towards the up keep, health and welfare of the children.

    There are however some PWC’s and NRP’s who miss this and the children suffer abuse and neglect as a result, end up hating and fighting. This can be avoided.

    CSA think again on your rules and REG’s they are CRAP!!!!!!!!
    PWC think about the kids and the NRP
    NRP think about the PWC and what they do for YOUR children.
    DNA testing is available.. LIFE IS TOO SHORT… just think before speaking or acting.

  • whatcanyoudo73 says:

    Firstly i would like to say that fathers/NRPs will never ever be treated fairly by the CSA. Its a fact of life so we just have to accept it. We would all love to challenge it and change it but it just wont happen because no politician will stick their head above the castle wall to be shot at by the ‘poor, hard done by’ PWC!!

    My ex chose to leave with my child as she claimed it wasnt working out, which is fair cos she is mentally unstable.

    I have always paid what the law says i have to pay as i believe that i am responsible for my daughters upbringing and i have no argument with that. What i DO have a problem with is the way that you are treated by the CSA. They class you as some kind of criminal, that you are lying to them, that you are hiding things and that you are automatically trying to avoid payment!

    My ex tried to destroy my life by dragging me through courts for access, moving so far away that i would find it very difficult to have access to my daughter, having me investigated by Social Services etc and many other things that want to make me puke. She is a disgusting human being and should be locked away from society, especially my daughter.

    I have survived her attempts to finish me off and thought things had settled down. Now i have the CSA trying to claim monies that they say are due from years ago. They have provided no evidence or breakdown as to when these alleged monies are from and are going to apply for a liability order to secure the debt and make me pay. Having read many other forums about the horrors of CSA cases involving liability orders and your complete helpesness in avoiding them i am starting to become a little concerned.

    I would just like to say to all fathers/NRPs out there, NEVER trust your ex to do the right thing and be fair< they will screw you over as soon as look at you, no matter how amicable the split was, there will always come a day when they think ' i will get him/her with this…..'. NEVER trust the CSA, get everything in writing, keep accurate records of every single payment you make, send any correspondence to them by recorded delivery as they mysteriously ' never receive' things. Dont think that you just cant pay, keep your evidence of the reasons why you shouldnt pay and then challenge them in court with it, IT WONT HAPPEN, its a done deal before you get to court and the magistrate wont be interested in your evidence.

    My final advice would be, as best you can, get a private agreement with the PWC and if possible get some kind of legal person to oversee it. Bottom line, stay the hell away from the CSA at all costs. Once they are involved they will hound you until you give them the clothes off your back.

    P.S. my ex is so mentally unstable maybe SHE should be employed by the CSA 🙂

    As my Grandfather used to say ' Dont let the bastards grind you down'

    Good luck everyone

  • michael thomas says:

    i pay csa out of my wages and i have my son every weekend without fail, but his money pockets the money for herself my son is always dressed scruffy when i pick him up and i still have to pay for his hair cuts and underwear and have to buy his clothing to. i think fathers who pay csa have not got a leg to stand on i think its disgusting and more should be done.

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