Never received a single payment from the CSA

December 6, 2011

I have a daughter of 12 years, her father has owned his own barbers in the main street in our town, I have tried for many years to receive something from him, but he just screams with his obnoxious bad temper no-one wants to deal with him.

He even told them he had doubts about paternity the same day we had met up with him for a contact. When I called him he just laughed and said “oh you silly bugger, I know she is mine, but I just want them off my back. I took my devastated daughter for the DNA test, then when it proved she is his daughter they then said I called them and told them we had come to an amicable agreement. I tried to argue with them explaining I wouldn’t be calling for updates if I had an agreement with him.

I put all this in writing as was told to to make an official complaint, as whoever called should be done for fraud, as they passed ALL my security.then re-sent it and re-sent it via post and email. have also been told they called me on my mobile and i confirmed the agreement, So now I must be going mad.

1 year has gone by and I still have never received a penny.

How can this be? I have now closed down my salon and have no income and really could do with some help as she is wanting more expensive items.

Well thats just some of my story