Never received a penny from the Child Support Agency

March 28, 2011

At the time that I made a claim private arrangements were being replaced by CSA assessments and that private arrangements would cease to be enforceable. I therefore made an application.

I have never received any monies from the CSA but have today received a letter from them. I have telephoned them for the sake of clarity.

The non resident parent is in arrears of 13,515 pounds. This will be deducted from their benefits at a rate of 5 pounds per week a quick calculation reveals that this will take 52 years to pay.

As I could not legally enforce any private arrangement at the time of application the CSA has assumed responsibility for all terms of the arrangement.

I will be seeking legal advice and welcome any advice from other members.

I feel that as the CSA have assumed all responsibility for all and every arrangement in this regard without consultation with our daughter on how to proceed at any stage. There may legally be a case for them to answer that they have failed in their assumed role and should in fact now compensate our daughter in the sum of the arrears and collect the arrears at the rate of 5 pounds per week as per their arrangement.

Our daughter will be 70 years old by the time the arrears is paid, under the present system. Should there be a cap on time frames for arrears and should the CSA be responsible for their failure to collect arrears within a reasonable period.