My recent complaint to the Child Support Agency

October 4, 2011

My complaint is that no action has been done from the staff at the CSA telephone line. Below i will give a full list of concerns.

Friday 8th July. I contacted the CSA by phone to inform them i had just received my payslip and noticed that my CSA payment had increased. They explained that on the done a review of my salary and adjusted the amount paying. It is with that response that i informed Michael (person i spoke to on the phone) that i had actually had shared care for my children , overnight 2 nights a week. For which i had been doing for some time. I actually informed him that i had all 4 children from the 14th April to 3rd May as my ex partner went on holiday to Fiji , 20 consecutive days. He said he would investigate and speak with my ex partner to confirm i had shared care.

5 weeks passed and on 12th August i spoke with Margaret about the same subject. She informed me nothing had been actioned but would refer back to Michael for an update.

Another 5 weeks have passed and 23rd September , i just spoken with Colleen and she repeated exactly what Margaret had informed me. Nothing has happened. No-one has contacted my ex partner to confirm. Colleen confirmed about if my ex partner confirmed the share care , my case would be back dated to the 8th July , when i made my initial query. In summary , i have listed all the dates of shared care , starting 14th April to the 3rd May – 20 days incl and AT LEAST 2 days overnight stay thereonin. There has been the very odd occasion where i have actually had the children overnight 3 times a week. I have kept a record of all these dates and if you require i will send you a full review.

Mr Emon Ratu
UK Citizen born 30/10/68 in Rochdale