My problems with the CSA

October 18, 2012


I want to tell you about my problems with the csa.

My daughter left school in summer of 2009, her legal date was december 2009.
She attended no farther education from leaving school.

I have always paid for her and was told that i had to continue paying till September 2010 what i did.

After this i stopped paying as she was no longer in any education and was living with her boyfriend.

In 2011 i got a call from csa saying that i was due arrears for Carla, i explained that i had finished paying and they said ok case closed.

I got my wages arrested 6 months later, they explained that because her mum was claiming child benefit, i have to continue paying csa ?? i told them that my daughter didnt even live with her mum !!!

We complained to child benefit on numerous occasions but nothing. Again i get told from csa that my case is now closed in 2011.

Now lo and behold, that time of year again i get letter stating that if i dont pay 7500pounds arrears they will be arresting my wages again !!!

Her mum can you believe is still claiming child benefit !! but yet i am the victim !!!

Can anyone help with this as getting very frustrating.