My partner is being asked for money

July 5, 2013

Hello. My partner has 4 children one from first relationship and three from second. He was paying to csa some ammount of what he was supposed to for years coz he couldnt afford the full amount coz he had three small children with new partner. Now after 18 years csa send him letter with crazy payments. he pays £300 directly to his ex wife for three kids plus he was paying about £80 for first child .. that was ok.. but now csa want him to pay back ammount he couldnt afford then. can he afford it now? No.

His wage is about £1200 and all together hes getting took off is over £550 .. then he has rent to pay and other stuff so hes left off with about £100 every month. i mean if sca was ok with that amount for 18 years and now when his daughter is 18 she works and her mother is married again and got crazy money .. why he has to pay all that back. We were about to start new family but no even trying with this amount its impossible. and why CSA waited 18 years to send him letter to pay all this back when they were ok with less for years and its not like he didnt pay at all. Very unfair.