My kids now want to live with me. What should I do?

October 26, 2015

I have 3 boys, i split from their mother over 4 years ago, i have them every friday, and saturday, and every other week the sunday as well, over the past 4 years when dropping them back they tell me they dont want to go home and i get them crying and hugging me for ages before i can leave them, my eldest (8year old) says he wants to live with me when he goes to high school, which is fine, my (5year old) isnt too fused but still cries when i leave him, my (7year old) is saying he want to live with me, and crys, and sobs for ages today he skyped me still crying 2 hrs after dropping him back home, he made me cry with what he was saying, (not while i was talking to him after i we had finished talking) he tells me he wants to live with me, i have explained that he would have to change school ect, this makes no difference he’s insistent that he wants to be with me, me and his mother work, so he stays at breakfast club and after school club, which he would have to do if he was with me, what should i do, he obviosly isnt happy at home, we have joint custody, can he just come live with me, i want him to be happy thats the most important thing any help would be great.