My kids don’t want anything to do with me – where do I stand with payments?

June 6, 2013

12 years ago my ex wife decided she could no longer cope with the kids so social services contacted me and asked if i would take custody. I jumped at the chance and gave up full time career and brought my kids up alone as a single dad from their ages of 2/3 respectively.

Eventually my ex decided she wanted the kids back.I refused stating they needed stability but ultimately she reported me for abuse, I got arrested. She got the kids back. I was released with no charge but she poisoned the kids mind so much so that even they went along with it…for a while.

Eventually the social services and eveyone realised it was utter rubbish, but despite being offered my kids back I refused. As much as it broke my heart because i didnt want to go through that ever again. The mum then decided she couldnt cope with the kids again, so sent them off to live with friends of hers. The girls begged me to have them back but I couldnt. Sounds very callous but I went through hell and the girls are very easily influenced by their manipulative mum.

The mum, who has lived on every benefit you can think of and never worked a day in her life, has 6 other children with 4 different dads and claims to be single scams every benfit you can imagine whilst Iam back to working 16 hour days 7 days a week. My new wife also works incredibly hard.

The children still see their mum who continues to poison their minds and turn them against me. The girls now send me texts regularly saying how much they hate me (some text unprintable)and how much i gave up on them. This breaks my heart because I did eveything for those girls and gave them so much love and security its unbelievable.I have now worked so hard and done so well in my job I have been promoted with a very good wage in comparison to what I have been used to.

The mum has found out and now wishes to scam everything off me again with CSA. of course I would always support my kids and dont wish to avoid supporting them despite the disgusting vile messages I regularly get from them but I know this money will not go on the kids. It will go on the mum. End of.

My choice is to put money in an ISA for them instead. I have countless messages off my daughters saying they hate me,they want nothing to do with me and they are now 15 and 6 yrs old. Would I stand a chance in court if I was to refuse paying CSA on the basis they want nothing to do with me?

I love my daughters more than anything but can not and do not deserve any of this. All I have ever done is wanted the best for them. Their mum has never cared about them and used themn purely as ammunition to knock me further and further in to the ground.