My ex never paid any maintenance for 5 years

December 7, 2009

I am a woman and my husband left me with my two children. He paid maintenance for 2 years and then stopped saying he could not afford to pay any longer. Meanwhile he managed to start his own business up and get a mortgage!

I applied to the CSA and had a very stressful year, the result of which is that I received not one penny. They did not help me. My ex never paid any maintenance for 5 years.

My son is older now and working but my daughter went to live with her dad 2 years ago. My ex applied to the CSA and I am now paying just under £200 per month for my daughter. I don’t mind paying maintenance for her but I am really struggling to pay this amount. I just want to say that I really do feel for fathers but as a woman I find myself in the same situation.

The CSA do not care what your circumstances are just so long as they get money out of you.