My ex isn’t paying anything towards our one-year-old son

October 22, 2013

Hi im contacting you about my situation. I have a 1 year old son whos dad is currently working full time and not paying a penny towards him. He sees him every other weekend and says hell give me money but always has an excuse.

Im living on my own and working, money can be tight he lives in birmingham and works in the recruitment buisness


  • Lisa says:

    If you involve the CSA your looking at a lifetime of misery for your child, they are in effect debt collectors nothing more, they will play you and your ex off against each other, why not speak to him and see what he can afford instead of where he works or what he does that irrelevant any mum wants contact between father and kids, the CSA will destroy the contact you mark my words money is the root of all evil and the CSA are to

  • gonk says:

    Stupid comment from you Mick…lol…a 1 yr old still needs feeding,clothing, etc .
    Holly…listen to Lisa…the csa are just grim reapers that feed on the bottom of the pond waiting for a fly to land on the surface..they are just stealth tax collectors to claw back cash from fathers whos ex’s get benefits, it just pays back the treasury and does not give a toss about you,your kid or your ex. They will drive a huge wedge between you all and just cause resentment and bitterness and sadness, it will be far better if you come to a private arrangement.
    my skank ex went to the csa, now I despise her and just see her as using my daughter as a cash cow. I have no spare cash to spend on my daughter so cant see her if I wanted to because the ex expects me to foot that bill as well as the money im forced to pay her. I thought both parents shared bringing up the kids lol,her share is sweet fuck all . If she had come to me for a fair amount that leaves me half of what she screws me for,then I could have some quality time with my daughter and even helped the ex in other areas like school uniforms and trips, even the obligatory electronic toys and tablets the kids desire these days. none of that will ever happen now because she a greedy money grabbing bitch that’s never worked and lived a life on benefits and other blokes that get trapped in her web.

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