My advice on dealing with the CSA

February 6, 2011

Time and time again I hear the same thing “The C.S.A are a waste of space!

This I agree 100% with as I kept getting fobbed off with the same useless comments on a daily basis. I got that fed up with it I decided to write to my local MP and how this quickly changed. I used the site ( and the following day I received a letter from the houses of parliament stating she (my MP) would look into this for me 🙂 Within a further 3 days I received a phone call from the C.S.A explaining that my MP wants an answer to my case within 21 days. I then felt re-assured that someone was actually doing something with my case. They ended up passing my case to the criminal compliance department where they fully investigated my ex and found she was giving false information and supplying false payslips (These can be bought online for around £30 grrr thats for another post I think 😉 Those sites should be shut down!!)

I won’t go into the full details of my case but my advice is to contact your MP straight away via and explain in full detail what your complaint is. Then sit back and watch the C.S.A jump through hoops to sort it for you 😉 Hope this helps everybody and good luck with your cases, i know how stressful it can be 😉