My 18 year old son should be legally responsible for himself

May 27, 2013

I don’t have a problem supporting my son. I gave birth to him. My argument is at 18 years of age they should be legally responsible for themselves They are old enough to drink smoke have children get married without the consent of their parents. Drive, cars.

In response to other reply’s I didn’t have a penny Csa when I was the full time parent. I got on with it. He never went without regardless the lack of financial support from his father. I may add during that period his father was included in every decision made concerning his son. Maybe I was naive. I have been excluded from every aspect of my sons life. As much as I hated my sons father I never allowed it to cloud me or my judgement. Or my sons relationship with his father.

After suffering a Volatile relationship I took precautions to prevent bringing another child into the distructive relationship.
Perhaps in the future when my son is an adult himself. He will look back on his actions realise just how much he was loved & not used to score points. I do hope in the end whether it be the woman or the man fairness will be prevailed